Client Services

EGT Institute services include:

By investing time in planning, organizations can develop a funding strategy that better prepares the agency to respond to funding opportunities. EGT Institute’s organizational planning services help clients develop a response system for greater funding success. Services focus on:

  • Analyzing a client’s funding readiness
  • Improving the way a client markets its services
  • Identifying untapped grant opportunities
  • Helping clients establish strategic partnerships for funding
  • Building effective internal grant-writing capabilities
  • Advising client on specific funding topics and needs

EGT Institute conducts research to help clients find and evaluate competitive grant opportunities.
EGT researches and reviews all federal and state grant announcements and utilizes extensive electronic resources to study the grant application and the agencies sponsoring the grant. From this research, clients gain valuable information regarding the purpose and priorities of the grant and the criteria for applicant eligibility.
Information is shared regarding program and application requirements, funding levels, number of awards, transmittal dates, and evaluation requirements. The information provides support for decisions to pursue funding and for the development of a winning strategy.

EGT Institute helps clients build internal grant writing capabilities through its grant training. Services range from individual training sessions to group seminars. The training is customized to individual client needs and offers instruction on all the components of developing a successful grant application, including:

  • Needs
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Program Design
  • Management and Administration
  • Personnel
  • Program resources
  • Evaluation
  • Budgets

Throughout the training, clients are encouraged to use technology during the entire grant development process. Techniques are offered for creating and using charts, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphic images to better illustrate the funding request.

EGT Institute writes and produces grant funding requests for educational, economic and community development, human services, employment and training, and technology programs.
EGT Institute helps organizations match their needs and mission with the appropriate funding opportunities and presents persuasive responses that are aligned to the grants criteria.
In developing and writing a grant, EGT Institute helps its clients with the entire application process including:

  • Needs Assessments
  • Goals, Objectives & Outcomes
  • Proven Program Dynamics
  • Management
  • Personnel
  • Budgets
  • Assurances
  • Evaluation

The services include facilitating meetings, program and strategy development, completing required assurance documents and drafting letters of agreement.
In addition, EGT helps organizations design needs assessment instruments and key informant surveys to collect statistical data to accurately present the required need in the grant application.
EGT Institute conducts research using census, school, local, national, regional and governmental sources to produce the latest demographics.

Notice of a grant award calls for effective program and fiscal management.
EGT Institute is experienced in both program and fiscal management and offers its services to ensure organizations understand the terms and conditions of the award while meeting all the contractual requirements for program accountability, record keeping, fiscal liability, evaluation and reporting on progress and outcomes.
Additionally, EGT Institute develops management tools, such as online data collection systems, which provides clients with a user-friendly method to collect and report data in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

Some of the features of our management tools and services include:

  • Technical support and training on data collection/reporting systems, including an easy to understand User’s Manual
  • Secure access for administrators and staff to enter and store confidential participant information
  • Customizable data capture and display according to program needs, including synchronization with Annual Performance Reporting requirements
  • Instant report generation according to data parameters (i.e., by activity, participant progress, month, etc.)

EGT Institute offers and conducts independent program evaluations for educational, employment and training and human service programs to document and measure program effectiveness, outcomes, challenges, impacts, accomplishments and to assist organizations with their contractual reporting obligations.

EGT Institute has years of experience in providing independent third-party evaluation assessments for numerous organizations’ federal and state programs. EGT Institute has evaluated programs for educational institutions, universities, non-profit organizations and government entities.

Evaluation services include:

  • Conduct client data survey
  • Design computerized data collection systems
  • Track client progress
  • Complete Annual Performance Reports
  • Analysis, compare and present data
  • Measure academic achievement
  • Measure and follow up on placements
  • Assess other program performance indicators