EGT Institute, Inc. maintains a professional team that are highly experienced and who bring with them a wealth of knowledge in local education agency (LEA) systems, institutions of higher education, and education service center evaluation, grant writing, analyzing statistical data, technology, developing databases, evaluation designs and logic models, professional writing, and effective communication strategies required for evaluation, resource development, and management practices. The team’s qualifications, certifications, and training have prepared and positioned them to be highly knowledgeable, competitive, and confident in successfully meeting its clientele’s resource development and evaluation needs.

EGT Institute, Inc. draws upon an extensive network of professional researchers, evaluators, and technical writers in meeting the specific requirements of funded programs and evaluations. This team of experts, with many years of cumulative experience and expertise in a wide array of educational areas, has been strategically selected to ensure that EGT Institute, Inc. provides all clients with the highest quality of evaluation services.

EGT Institute, Inc.’s team of experts includes:

Ms. Cathy Treviño, President

Manages and supervises EGT Institute’s team, negotiates, coordinates and ensures all contractual obligations are being met on-time and within budget. Provides overall leadership and support with evaluation implementation and continuous design improvement, data collection and analysis, technical writing, reporting, and participates in program meetings. Additionally, is charged with safeguarding all grants, and EGT Institute, Inc. operations and controls functions to ensure compliance to all federal, state and local government rules, regulations, guidelines and contractual language. Also ensures, YOUTH CONNECTION is operating 24/7 and team is providing immediate and quality customer friendly technical support to all clientele.

Dr. Tina McIntyre, Senior Researcher/Evaluator

Provide leadership, training, support and technical assistance in the areas of evaluation and grant development and design. Leads program rigorous evaluations that includes quasi-experimental designs and case studies, formative and summative evaluations including qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Also serves as part of the grant research, writing, reporting, monitoring and project management team.

Mr. Tim Holinger, Grant Writer/Researcher/Evaluator

Supports EGT Institute’s team in conducting the full range of activities including researching, writing, preparing, submitting, and reporting on grant proposals. Primary responsibilities include grant writing, evaluation, and reporting. Provides qualitative and quantitative research analysis along with summative and formative program development and evaluation. Offers technical guidance to all clients to support meeting and exceeding objectives and outcomes of grants.

Mr. Daniel Salinas, Senior Computer Programmer

Develops and maintains a uniquely designed comprehensive educational electronic secured database, produces all customized reports and provides in-depth training and 24/7 technical support. Additionally, is responsible for ensuring YOUTH CONNECTION (GEAR UP) database is fully operational and customized towards each unique project and Project Director expectations.

Mr. Christopher Treviño, Director/IT Specialist

Responsible for overseeing and managing all daily operations, streamlining management systems, supervise and coordinator projects task. Oversees essential data functions, processes and controls to ensure all federal, state and local compliances, rules, and regulations procedures and protocols are met according to the letter of the law. Assists the Computer Programmer with maintaining YOUTH CONNECTION to ensure the secured database is fully operational 24/7. Additionally, leads all programmatic assessments which could include print and electronic survey development and dissemination, collecting, cleaning and analyzing data and completion of all U.S. Department of Education and Grants. Gov required forms and documents.

Mr. Benancio “Benny” Lozano, Technical Support

Provides support to the EGT team in collecting and cleaning data and interacts with a wide range of clients providing technical support, guidance and monitoring in regards to YOUTH CONNECTION (GEAR UP) database.

Mr. Louis Salazar, College Retention Specialist – Educational Grants and Information (EGI) Firm

Works directly with the GEAR UP program staff and the Cohort Senior and Junior students of a large North-based Texas high school to ensure students are on track of graduating high school and successfully pursuing post-secondary education, workforce, vocational training and/or military. Works with programs focused on building students college and career skills (e.g. College Career and Military Readiness, Texas Achieve, TSI, ACT, SAT, etc.) to prepare students beyond high school. Additionally, acts as the liaison between students, their parents, the GEAR UP staff, high school counselors, educators and administrators while also in charge of managing and maintaining the EGI web-based database.

Mr. Eddie Treviño, Founder

Provides overall resources development support with grant writing which includes research, marketing, outreach and presentations to new and existing clients. Additionally, supports the evaluation implementation and continuous design improvement, data collection and analysis, technical writing, reporting, participates in program meetings, troubleshooting, offers technical guidance and will overall assist with all requests that may deem necessary to ensure both programmatic and evaluation efforts are meeting and/or exceeding proposed objectives and outcomes as proposed.

The credentials for this unique team include:

Doctorate in Education – Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi/Kingsville

Masters of Education-Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi/Kingsville

Masters in Information Technology from the University of Texas Pan-American

Master of Science/Health Care Administration from Southwest Texas State University

Master of Science/Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University

Masters in Information Technology from Capella University

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Texas Pan-American

Bachelor of Science from The University of Texas Pan-American

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts/Multicultural and Ethnic Studies from the University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from The University of Texas, Pan American