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Program Evaluation

High quality evaluation services to ensure program and contractual performance outcomes are met, continuous improvement measures are adopted and all required annual and final performance reports are completed on-time including all evaluation reports are developed in compliance with funding agencies expectations, requirements and guidelines.

Program & Fiscal Management

World class service in both program and fiscal management while supporting total organizational understanding of the terms and conditions of the grant award. Placing top priority on meeting and exceeding all the requirements for program accountability, record keeping, fiscal liability, evaluation and reporting on progress and outcomes.

Grant Writing

Vast expertise in writing and producing grant funding requests for educational, economic and community development, human services, employment and training, and technology programs. Maximizes your organization’s potential through matching the needs, mission and vision with the appropriate funding opportunities. Allow our diverse team to present a persuasive response aligned to multi-million dollar grants criteria.

Grant Writing Training

Placing our clients first by building internal grant writing capacity through grant training for individuals and/or groups. Offering customized instruction on all the components of developing a successful grant application, including: Needs, Goals and Objectives, Program Design, Management and Administration, Personnel, Program resources, Evaluation and Budget.

Grant Research

Extensive research and review of all federal and state grant announcements while utilizing latest electronic resources to study the grant application and the agencies sponsoring the grant. Compiling a high volume of data, information and research to provide quality support for funding decisions and for the development of a winning program design.

Organizational Planning

Organizational planning services help clients develop a response system for greater resource development success. Completely invested in the time and planning necessary to develop a funding strategy that successfully prepares clients to respond to funding opportunities.

Recent News

1/12/23: $5.9 million seven-year U.S. Department of Education – Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant to support and demonstrate innovative partnerships to train school-based mental health service providers for employment in schools and local educational agencies (LEAs). Recipient: Charter School, Texas
1/01/23: $1.4 million seven-year U.S. Department of Education – TRIO Upward Bound Math and Science designed to strengthen the math and science skills of participating high school students. Recipient: Education Service Center South Texas
10/01/22: $167K Texas Education Agency – Early College High Schools (ECHS) model, allowing 150 students least likely to attend college an opportunity receive both a high school diploma and either an associate degree or 60 credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree. Recipient: Charter School System, South Texas

Who We Are

Evaluation Grants & Training Institute, Inc., known as EGT Institute has over 20 years of professional experience in program and resource development, organizational planning, technology information services, grant research and writing services, as well as, program management and evaluation services. This wealth of knowledge, experience and extensive network, led to the creation of EGT Institute.

EGT Institute was founded to assist organizations and educational institutions with the most current program information, resources, and technology for securing, maintaining and evaluating federal, state, local and private foundation grants.

EGT Institute offers a comprehensive service approach to meet the diverse needs of clients. Our services include consulting, organizational planning, grant research, training, grant writing, program management and program evaluation. EGT Institute provides strategic assessment, research, guidance and professional writing services to identify the appropriate funding source to develop the best approach to secure funding. EGT Institute conducts training to increase grant writing capacity and enhance program management abilities. Additionally, EGT Institute provides evaluation services to ensure program and contractual performance outcomes are met, continuous improvement measure are adopted and that the required annual performance and evaluation reports are developed in compliance with funding agencies guidelines.

EGT Institute offers years of cumulative experience in providing grant development, evaluation and capacity building assistance to universities, community colleges, community-based organizations, public schools, educational service centers, private businesses, housing authorities, faith-based organizations, municipalities and other public entities. EGT Institute has extensive experience in developing and securing funding for minorities and economic disadvantaged adults, youth and individual with disabilities.

We are unique

EGT Institute professional team is highly experienced and has a wealth of knowledge in professional writing, technology, analyzing statistical data and effective communications strategies required for resource development, evaluation and management practices.

The company has served the needs of institutions of higher education, educational service centers, local education agencies, and community based organizations by being client-oriented and results-driven. To date, EGT Institute has successfully secured and evaluated over $500 million in grant awards for clients.

The following table illustrates EGT Institute’s Skills:

  • Data Analysis
  • Grant Research, Concept Development and Writing
  • Cost Allocation and Wage Comparability Studies
  • Budget Analysis
  • Housing and Economic Impact Studies
  • Organizational Analysis & Planning
  • Strategic Planning, Group Facilitation and Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitate Partnerships Between Private and Public Sectors
  • Prepare Congressional and Legislative Testimony
  • Community Needs Assessment and Focus Groups
  • Development of Annual Performance and Evaluation Report
  • Marketing
  • Staff Training
  • Policy & Procedure Formulation

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